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The Need

According to IMB research, today, over 70% of the population in Latin America possesses an oral communication learning preference and lifestyle. Herbert V. Klem, author and international authority on primary oral communicators says that, “Perhaps as much as 75% of the world’s population is not likely to take an interest in the Bible if we take a literary approach to teaching.

Storying is the method that oral cultures use to communicate their most important information.

Additionally, over 80% of all Pastors, leaders and emerging leaders within the Church throughout Latin America have had little or no practical training to carry out the task of structuring a healthy local church and being the “beacon of light” in their communities that the Word of God commands. As a result, there is a desperate need for some sort of non-formal training that will promote healthy, balanced, churches that are driven with purpose.

Consequently, there is an urgent need for appropriate Biblically based equipping resources within oral cultures that support the process of Discipling Nations with a holistic approach including pre-evangelism, evangelism, discipleship, leadership training and church establishment.

Therefore, in order for a ministry to be effective and make a lasting impact, their equipping resources will have to be designed for a storying culture in the language they understand. That means carefully taking into account the worldview of the target people group, and identifying their appropriate bridges, barriers and gaps to a Biblical worldview. This communication method will have to be both practical and culturally sensitive. Our communication must also be designed for the listener to be able to pass on the training to others in the community, thereby encouraging the process of reproduction.

The Solution

In order to launch a movement to disciple oral learners in Latin America, International Leadership Advancement Ministries (ILAM) is now engaged in strengthening the local church by equipping pastors, leaders and emerging leaders within target communities to effectively communicate Biblical truth to oral learners. A practical way being used is through live seminars and the publishing and use of existing digital media training courses (DVD, CD-ROM, and Video). Additionally, in order to exponentially increase and reach the widest number of oral learners ILAM is now incorporating radio and video broadcasts to this strategy.

Furthermore, to carry out its mission and vision, ILAM is establishing contacts to partner with a global network of church and para-church ministries.

Please see ILAM’s Mission and Vision in the "Who We Are" tab


The Content

Content Pillars

As a mission, we make sure that the content of the training material and tools that we are producing and using are in line with the mission and vision of the organization and fall within one of the following 5 cyclical categories:

  • Pre-Evangelism
  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • Leadership Training & Development
  • Church Planting/Mission

Target Audience

  • Children & Children Workers
  • Youth and Youth Workers
  • Women & Family
  • Pastors and Lay Leaders
  • Executives & Professionals

Target Languages

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Regional Dialects & Languages

Target Countries

ILAM is aiming to launch its programs and projects in every one of the 20 Spanish and Portuguese Speaking countries in Latin America in addition to Spain and Portugal

• Mexico • Cuba • Bolivia
• Guatemala • Dominican Rep. • Chile
• Honduras • Puerto Rico • Paraguay
• El Salvador • Venezuela • Uruguay
• Nicaragua • Colombia • Argentina
• Costa Rica • Ecuador • Brazil
• Panama • Peru • Spain/Portugal


Training and Mobilization Centers – Strategic locations have been selected for the establishment of Training and Mobilization Centers (TMC’s)

Radio – Radio programs are now being recorded and contacts have been made for the programs to be broadcast on over 2000 stations throughout Latin America and mainly aimed at primary and secondary oral learners

Television – Television programs are now being put together and strategic alliances are being formed in order for the programs to be aired/broadcast throughout Latin America

DVD/CD-ROM/CD – Using Digital Media technology we are producing training and evangelism materials and tools for reaching and discipling the unreached

Seminars – Seminars are being used to train, enlighten and engage the Church/Body of Christ to reach primary and oral learners especially focusing on the 519 Unreached, Unengaged People Groups (UUPG’s) in Latin America, Spain and Portugal as well as the 639 UUPG’s throughout the world with populations of over 100,000