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Daniel Ponce De Leon "Mambo"

Hello, my name is Daniel Ponce De Leon (Mambo). I was born in Mexico City and from the age of 11 I felt the call of God to work in missions.

After high school I wanted to go to seminary and study the Bible, but my dad would not let me and told me that I must first go to college and if God was calling me then I could finish my studies.

I studied law and during my time at the University I learned about Campus Crusade for Christ.

Once I finished, God confirmed once again that he wanted me in missions. I served with Campus Crusade for 7 years evangelizing and discipling college students in different parts of Mexico and the world such as Monterrey, Mexico City, Puebla, Chile, Costa Rica, Korea, etc. ..

Now I am ready to take the next steps in my life and ministry. Recently, the Lord has led me to “sharpen the saw” and study at Denver Seminary to receive a Master of Divinity. So in the next three years I’ll be preparing and training so I can return to Mexico with an even greater knowledge of the gospel.

It is my prayer and desire to continue serving in missions, evangelism, discipleship and leadership training. I believe that my time at the seminary will be crucial for this purpose. I am grateful and impressed by all the things God has done in my life and ministry. Glory to Him! I get very excited when I think about the future because I know the best is yet to come.

For His glory!



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